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LET'S BE PART OF A GAME SHOW Sqrambled Scuares
2-28-17 9:00 am
MB Social Circle 20-40s

Did you know there is a local game show??  That you win money and prizes!   Looks very cool!  We can go be in the audience and they choose contestants for the game!!   Game starts @7. so lets show up a little early!  They do serve...

Reply If You Will Play
2-28-17 9:00 am
Myrtle Beach Golf Meetup

The tee time for Friday is 11:56 on the Fazio Course and the guest rate is $40 which you pay when you check-in. The time is under the name "Stoltz" and if you desire to use the driving range across the street (transportation provided) advise the...

Meet, greet, meditate, discuss :)
2-28-17 9:00 am
Outdoor Meditation Mornings

I am in the process of locating a suitable public park for our meeting, will update location soon! Edit: Let's find a time when everyone who wants to meet can meet! If/when you RVSP yes, please leave a comment below about good times for you (to...

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