Common Glass Partition Myths Debunked

Glass partitions have become increasingly popular in the recent past. With the growing popularity of modern architecture, glass partitions are a staple in most modern designs in homes and commercial buildings like offices. However, some people don’t like glass partitions for both valid and invalid reasons. Below are popular misconceptions you should know. Give us a call.

6 popular glass partition myths debunked

Glass Walls for Home and Office

1. Glass partitions lack privacy

This myth is very common and thrives on outdated thinking that all glass is transparent. However, technological advancements have resulted in privacy glass with adjustable opacity. Electro-chromatic technology advancements make it possible to interchange between opacity and transparency instantly by applying voltage. Partitions made using privacy smartglass can change from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button. It’s, therefore a matter of personal preference. Even if you don’t install smart glass, there are many shades of glass partitions that offer varying levels of privacy.

2. Glass partitions aren’t durable

The durability of glass partitions depends on many things ranging from the type of glass used to how the partition is made. Aluminum glass partitions and custom steel glass partitions are as durable, if not more, when compared to partitions made using other materials. Provided they are made and installed by a reputable company, and they come with a warranty, glass partitions can last for decades.

3. Glass partitions aren’t safe and secure

For a long time, glass has been associated with shattering and accidents. However, technological advancements over time have resulted in many types of glass that are very difficult to break. While glass partitions aren’t exclusively made using bulletproof glass, it’s easy to see how the safety and security of glass partitions is dependent on the glass in question. Construction also plays a critical role. For instance, a glass partition made using glass on both sides of a frame results in very durable glass with other benefits like sound insulation.

4. Glass partitions have poor temperature control

temperature control

There’s also the misconception that glass partitions are generally hot during the day. This isn’t true. A glass partition can be fabricated in a manner that the glass doesn’t get hot and increase indoor temperature. Glass can be toughened through chemical and thermal treatments to make it physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. Glazing also makes it possible for glass partitions to maintain the required internal temperature easily.

5. Glass partitions are expensive

The cost of glass partitions varies like everything else so, it’s not accurate to claim all glass partitions are expensive. Some factors that dictate cost include the type of glass being used, additional features of a partition (i.e., energy efficiency), type of frame, size of a partition, and the location of the partition. Some locations present more installation challenges than others. Design preferences will also dictate the overall cost as some designs are more affordable.

A frameless glass partition may be the most cost-effective type of glass partition since it is basic and minimalistic. However, it may lack in other ways. Generally, larger partitions will be more costly as the overall cost is usually calculated per-square-foot. The type of framing, type of glass, and hardware to be used will also dictate the overall cost.

6. Glass partitions limit design freedom

While glass is synonymous with modern architecture, this shouldn’t be mistaken to mean glass partitions are for people who prefer modern designs only. Glass can enhance contemporary, traditional and many other design concepts. Hardware options and frames can be made to match just about any design imaginable. Working with a reputable company with technical specialists, fabricators, and installers is important to get the exact outcome you are searching for.


Glass partitions come with many benefits that can be overshadowed by common myths discussed above. Don’t rule out glass partitions because of myths about privacy, durability, safety, temperature control and design freedom. Technological advancements have made glass as good, if not better, than many traditional building materials.

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